Magic Symbols and Meanings

There are a lot of different magic symbols used-they are commonly referred to as pagan symbols. These same symbols often have a double meaning. What was once used strictly in the occult, for example, may now be seen as Christian symbols. For example, the pentagram was used in many different Pagan ceremonies, but Christians also use the pentagram as a star.

The all-seeing eye, or eye of providence, offers an insight into the spirit world. It represents spiritual sight (inner vision). An example of this eye can be found on the back of a dollar bill, where it appears as the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States.

The hexagram (six-pointed star) represents the "divine mind" to earth religions (such as pagans or Wiccans), but is also considered to be the Jewish Star of David.

The pentacle (pentagram) is used as a standard symbol for different pagan groups. Its points represent Mother Earth, wind, water, fire and earth. When displayed upside down, it is used to draw in evil spirits.

The swastika is an ancient Egyptian symbol-also used in China and India. It went together with a right and left version and meant that opposites harmonize. It has also represented the sun, east, west, north, south and change. When German Nazis appropriated the symbol, it became associated with evil.

The Yin Yang symbol comes from Chinese Taoism and symbolizes harmony between opposites.

A spiral (linked to the circle symbol) was used in ancient times to represent the goddess, fertility, a feminine serpent force, evolution and the womb.

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