How to Read Minds

If you are interesting in learning how to read minds, you have two choices, learning illusionist tricks, which might otherwise be termed as "psychic mind reading," or learning the way that people give clues to their thoughts naturally. Of course, you can use both of these types of "mind reading" together to entertain your family and friends.

Psychic Mind Reading

Magic mind reading is actually a combination of trickery and drama. This doesn't mean that mind reading tricks are easy. Some of them are quite difficult and require a lot of practice. However, the bottom line with mind reading tricks is that the "deck" is always "stacked" in the magician's favor.

For example, you can predict in advance a phone number that a person will pick from a phone book. Before you perform this trick, go to page 108 in the phone book that you are going to use and write down the ninth phone number that you see on a piece of paper. Put the paper into an envelope and seal the envelope tight.

When you are ready to try the trick, give one of the spectators the envelope. Then ask a participant to give you three single digit numbers. Say the numbers picked are 754. Ask someone to reverse the numbers and subtract the smaller number from the larger. This would be 754 - 457 = 297. Next, take the 297 and reverse it to 792 and add the two numbers together to get 1089. If you end up with two digits after a subtraction, such as 58, make sure that you calculate it at 058 before you reverse the number as you always need three digits.

The trick is that you will always end up with 1089 no matter what numbers you use.

Tell the person to go to page 108, because you started with three digits, and count nine phone numbers down to get the phone number.


How to Read Minds

This will help you know if you are keeping your audience interested. You do this all of the time, most likely without even knowing it.

Watch the pupils of people's eyes. If the pupils expand, they are probably interested in what you are discussing. If the pupils shrink, they are probably not as interested as you would like.

If a person is leaning towards you with an open body position, the person is likely to be interested in what you are saying.

If people are turning away from you, you may be losing your audience. Patter up!

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These mind reading tricks are easy to learn and will stump your audience. All it takes is a plan, your best mind reading face and a talent for performance.

What is mentalism? A mentalist appears to have extra-sensory perception, to be able to read minds. Other mentalist tricks include bending spoons, bending coins and creating optical illusions.

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