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The most famous mentalists have appeared to be true mind readers and psychics. Others trafficked more in tricks to divert their marks' attention while seemingly performing ...click here for more.
By Grace Alexander
By Carrie Eckles
Telekinesis refers to using mental power to move physical objects. Its existence has yet to be proven through scientific research.
By Katriena Knights
Some magicians specialize in mentalism. Their object is to convince an audience, at least briefly, that they can read minds, know the future, even communicate across space ...click here for more.
By Janet Grischy
Those who know how to read minds are both tricksters and psychologists. Join their ranks. 
By Laura Evans
What is mentalism? A mentalist appears to have extra-sensory perception, to be able to read minds. Other mentalist tricks include bending spoons, bending coins and creating optical illusions.
By Laura Evans
Get the facts about one of the most popular symbols of luck, straight from Irish folklore.
By Marie Lorraine
These mind reading tricks are easy to learn and will stump your audience. All it takes is a plan, your best mind reading face and a talent for performance.
By Laura Evans
Almost anyone can learn to do a mentalist’s astounding tricks.
By Janet Grischy
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