How to Teleport Objects

Magicians need to know how to teleport various objects. Are you ready to start to become a magician?

How to Teleport: The Trick

During this trick, you will be teleporting a coin through your hand to a participant's palm.

In order to perform this trick, you are going to need two coins that are as identical as possible and a piece of two sided transparent tape. Before your performance, you will have palmed one of the coins. This is what it sounds like. You will have a coin on your palm, using your hand muscles to hold it in place. It really isn't as hard as it sounds. Try it a few times and you will get it. You will also have that piece of tape on the palm of your other hand.

It's show time!

The participant should have his or her hand out, palm faced up. Place your hand with the palmed coin down on your participant's hand, keeping the palmed coin in place. Put the second coin on top of that hand. Then, slap your other hand, which has the adhesive in the appropriate place, onto your coin-topped hand. The coin on top of your coined-topped-hand should stick to the adhesive.

The coin on top will "disappear" when you pull that top hand away while you let the palmed coin fall into the participant's hand.

Tips on How to Teleport

Now, you've got the trick.

It's time to practice.

However, don't just practice a few times. Practice it over and over again. In addition, you might want to try different types of tape or use magician's wax. You also should test different types of coins to see which size works for you the best. The point is to experiment, practice and perfect.

It's not just the trick itself that you have to practice. It's the patter, or what you are going to say as you perform the trick, that needs your attention. You want what you say to be dramatic and entertaining. A perfectly performed trick is not going to impress unless you have the words to go with the show.

Practicing will also lead to confidence. A magician with an air of authority is much better than one that is wincing, unless, of course, your whole deal is to be a "wincing magician."

These tips work with any type of magic. Practice, practice, practice.

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