Convert Mini DV to DVD

If you plan to save those important videos for a long time to come, you might want to look into converting your Mini DV to DVD. DVD is a much more durable form of storage, and you can watch DVDs easily with a TV and DVD player or on your computer. How do you convert Mini DV to DVD? Consider one of these methods:

Mini DV to DVD conversion: use a DVD recorder.
One of the simplest Mini DV to DVD conversion options is to simply buy a DVD recorder. DVD recorders can record from many sources, and as long as you can plug your Mini DV into your DVD recorder, conversion is a snap. If your Mini DV has a Firewire output, look for a DVD recorder with a Firewire input, connect the devices, play the Mini DV and record from the DVD recorder. The same thing goes for RCA, or USB, or any other connection type that your Mini DV uses. The downside of this process is that it ties up resources and only records in real-time.

Mini DV to DVD conversion: your computer could be an untapped resource.
Many modern computers ship with DVD burners built-in, so if you've got a computer with a DVD burner, you're practically ready to go. All you need is video capture software and some cables, and you can do Mini DV to DVD conversion directly from your computer. As a bonus, some Mini DV to DVD conversion suites give you the option of customizing your chapter titles, subheadings and menus. You can create quite the customized viewing experience when you convert Mini DV to DVD!

Some computers don't have inputs that support all Mini DV output types, so you may need to get a video adaptor. Many video adaptors ship with video capture software, making it easy to burn Mini DV to DVD directly on your computer. Make sure the adaptor supports your Mini DV output, be it RCA or Firewire, and that your computer supports the adaptor input. Dazzle is a popular brand of video capture hardware that ships with software to burn Mini DV to DVD.

Mini DV to DVD conversion: use a video transfer service.
If you don't have the time or the inclination to transfer Mini DV to DVD yourself, you can always use a video transfer service to handle the process for you. If you do a simple Web search, you'll find hundreds of video transfer services capable of handling Mini DV to DVD conversion. Make sure to use a reputable service; if possible, verify customer satisfaction through independent third-party reviews. You don't want to trust an unreliable video transfer service with your precious memories, only to have tapes lost or damaged!

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