Disadvantages of a Digital SLR Camera

There are many things to consider when choosing a digital camera, especially if you are thinking about stepping up to a digital SLR camera. While these higher-end cameras offer more advanced features, there are also some disadvantages to keep in mind.

What is a Digital SLR Camera?

The term "SLR camera" is an abbreviation for a single lens reflex camera. In short, this type of camera uses a mirror positioned behind the lens to direct light toward the viewfinder. Because of its design, you can use a variety of lenses with different focal lengths and features on the same digital SLR camera body.

Size and Portability

The ability to add various lenses to a digital SLR camera offers a distinct advantage for both professional photographers and emerging amateurs. However, a digital SLR camera is larger and heavier than today's compact digital point-and-shoot cameras. Bringing along a variety of lenses adds photographic flexibility, but also means transporting more equipment.

Functionality and Control

While a digital SLR camera gives you more functionality and precise control, its advanced features may be more than many casual photographers actually need. In addition to fully automatic modes, many of today's advanced digital point-and-shoot cameras actually do have settings which give users some control over elements like white balance, ISO settings and exposure adjustment.

Complexity Versus Ease of Use

Because a digital SLR camera allows full control over all of its settings, learning to use the complex features can take quite a bit of time and effort. This is part of the fun for hobbyists and professional photographers, but can be a hassle for casual users. Today's more advanced point-and-shoot cameras offer fully automatic modes which are much easier to use and still produce high-quality results.

Total Price

Digital SLR cameras are generally much more expensive than other digital cameras. This is particularly true when you begin to add in the cost of buying additional camera lenses. The additional cost may make sense for professional photographers or amateur hobbyists, but it often puts a digital SLR camera out of the reach of most casual users.

When considering the purchase of a digital SLR camera, first think about what you want from your camera. If you simply want a camera that is easy to use and will capture high-quality pictures, you may be happier choosing a high-end point-and-shoot model over a digital SLR camera.

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