How to Care for a Digital SLR Camera

You can buy the best digital SLR camera in the world, but unless you learn to care for it properly, you'll notice a decline in the quality of your photos. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you're taking good care of your digital SLR camera.

Protect your digital SLR camera body from bumps and jolts.
While a digital SLR camera is generally a fairly hearty piece of equipment, it's still an electronic device and requires a little extra attention. Thin cloth cases keep the dust off your digital SLR camera, but don't really protect it in the event of a drop or fall.

Make sure you use a well-padded camera case to help protect your digital SLR camera body from bumps and jolts. The case should fit the camera snugly, so it doesn't bounce around within the case itself. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, look for a waterproof camera case to ensure that your digital SLR camera doesn't get wet. Avoid leather camera cases because they're the ideal breeding ground for fungi.

Avoid sudden temperature changes.
Sudden temperature changes can cause the buildup of condensation on your digital SLR camera. This condensation can get inside the camera and cause operating problems or it can lead the growth of fungi which can damage your sensitive digital SLR camera. If your camera collects any condensation or moisture, let it dry thoroughly before placing it in a case to avoid fungal growth. Extreme temperature changes can also impact battery life, so be aware that you might find your battery dying quickly if you use your digital SLR camera in cold temperatures.

Dirt, dust and digital don't mix.
That sunset over the ocean could well be every photographer's dream, but the sandy beach is your digital SLR camera's worst nightmare. Sand, dust and dirt tend to find their way into minute openings in your digital SLR camera and can cause a range of issues, including image quality problems, potentially damaging a sensor or even preventing your camera from functioning at all.

Avoid storing your digital SLR camera in dusty or dirty areas, and make an effort to protect it from sand and dirt. If you're taking photos on a beach or in a high wind, make sure to give your digital SLR camera a thorough cleaning afterward to check for sand or dirty. Don't forget to vacuum out your case regularly to get rid of any dirt that might accumulate!

Let a professional clean your camera's sensor.
It's fairly common for the CCD in your digital SLR camera to require periodic cleaning. However, this is a very sensitive area of your camera, and if you clean it improperly, you can damage the CCD device instead of cleaning it. You also risk exposing your digital SLR camera's inner workings to dust if you open it at home. Save yourself some money and let a professional clean your CCD.

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