Tips for Taking Better Amateur Photos

Much of the photographic advice on the Internet is geared toward professional photographers, yet most people will never take a professional photo. Still, everyone wants his photos to look better. These tips for taking better amateur pictures will help you to make certain that you are creating the best photos without spending huge amounts of effort or money.

Take more photos

The most basic and important thing you can do to improve your photographs is to take more photos. With digital photography, there is no real cost to taking multiple pictures of the same thing. This is even more important when taking pictures of people. Simply snap a few extra photos, and then delete the ones that aren't the best.

Understand your camera

While most cameras have a point-and-shoot option, this isn't always the best choice. Learn how to adjust your camera for the lighting you have, evaluate the distance and depth of the photo, and go over other basic features before you take a photo. This will help ensure that you get the picture right when you want to take important photos and don't have the time on the spot to learn the settings.

Get photo editing software

If you're using digital camera, then you should get photo editing software. While Photoshop is expensive, there are a number of free software programs that can do everything that an amateur photographer needs. Gimp -- similar to Photoshop -- is free and will let you fix red eye, adjust brightness and handle many other simple tasks that can make an average picture look much better.

While you can make endless tweaks to a photograph to make an amateur picture look more appealing, the most important thing is to just take more pictures. That trial and error is likely to turn out a handful of photos you'll be happy with and proud of.

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