Blackjack Betting Strategies

Blackjack betting is unlike wagering on any other card game because you are playing against the house and not other players. It's a game of odds and having a good betting strategy is key to your success. You'll find that everyone has their own system ranging from the scientific to the comical. Fortunately, there are some proven strategies that you should know and incorporate into your game.

Take it Easy
A conservative betting strategy is to make small bets. This is mainly used to minimize losses. If you lose several hands in a row you won't lose as much. However, you won't win as much if you go on a winning streak. The overall picture here is to stay in the game long enough and simply grind it out.
Another method that minimizes losses is to bet a small percentage of your overall bankroll. Still, you won't win big but you won't lose big either. The key your success with the conservative betting strategy is to be consistent. If you start winning, don't get crazy and increase your bets. Always stay the course.

Not Taking it Easy
Probably the riskiest betting strategy is the Martingale System. It's not really recommended on account of its lack of practicality and because you'll need a large bankroll in order to implement this system. But, it is one of the oldest and simplest betting strategies and worth talking about. The system is based on the probability of losing an infinite amount of times and is best suited for even money bets. For example, if you bet two dollars and win, the next hand you would bet two dollars. If you lose, the next hand you'd bet four dollars. If you lose again, you'd bet eight dollars. You may even lose again, then you would bet 16 dollars. But, the next hand you win and get paid 16 dollars. You're up two dollars on account you spent fourteen on the previous bets. After winning, you would go back to the beginning of the pattern.

Being Practical

The opposite of the Martingale System is the Paroli Betting System. Every time you win a hand the next bet would increase instead of decrease. With the Paroli strategy you would have to plan out your betting pattern ahead of time and plan on sticking with it. For example, if you bet two dollars and win, the next bet would be four. Win again, then you'd bet eight. Deciding how high you're going to go in your betting pattern is important. Once you reach it, start back at the beginning. This is a practical way of betting is widely used and you don't need a large bankroll to apply it.

Whatever strategy you decide to use, being consistent and sticking with a game plan gives you the best chance to winning at the blackjack table. Always remember to have fun and bet with head.

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