Names for Craps Throws

Since the early days of craps, the game has been considered one of the most profitable of all casino games. The different craps throws have distinct names, which many payers will call out for luck before throwing the dice and which are chanted by the professional running the table.

Doubles: A pair of ones is commonly called Snake Eyes. Twos are the Hard Four, threes the Hard Six, fours the Hard Eight and fives the Hard Ten, respectively. Double sixes are known as the Boxcars (or occasionally, as Midnight).

Sevens: A Natural, or Seven Out, consists of the following parings: a one/six, a two/five, or a three/four roll. Sevens are considered "lucky," as rolling a seven means a payout for "pass line" bets on the first throw of the dice.

Elevens: The six/five craps throw is called the Yo, or Yo-leven. It also results in a pass line payout. The 11 is one of the harder combinations to throw, and is also called the Six Five, No Jive, and referred to as a "Front Line Winner" if rolled on the come-out, or first roll.

Nines: The six/three nine is the Centerfield Nine, since nine is in the center of the playing field. A four/five roll is called a Jesse James, as the famous outlaw was killed with a .45 pistol. In Atlantic City, this craps throw is known as the Railroad Nine.

Single-roll bets also have special names; if a bet is laid on throwing craps, a Three Way is hoped for, meaning the throw can result in either a two, a three or a 12. A Hi-Lo better hopes for a two or a 12, and a Cornrow refers to a 12 alone. On The Hop is rollers choice: he can call any combination, such as "Five-One" or "Three-Two," and if the craps throw results in the combination they called, a significant win can be made.

There are many other names for various craps throws, many of which are outdated as they use what could be considered sexual or racist slang. Names for craps throws also vary from city to city.

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