Getting a Full Tilt Poker Sponsorship


A Full Tilt sponsorship can mean more than becoming an official pro poker player. It can mean a sponsored bankroll which will allow you to play poker with someone else's money. Usually the goal is to return the investment plus a percentage of your winnings.

If you have ever watched the chat dialog in a higher stakes cash game on Full Tilt, you might have noticed the avalanche of spam begging for money. Usually, these are ignored but the idea is similar. If you want a Full Tilt sponsorship you will need to demonstrate a level of intelligence, poker ability and try to do so without spamming.

According to the Full Tilt rules:

 "Begging" for money (real or play) at tables is forbidden and may result in the suspension or termination of the offender's account.

You need to clearly indicate your intent to be sponsored and return the investment with profit. You're not looking for a handout. Avoid spamming or otherwise aggravating players. In order to get a Full Tilt sponsorship you need to get to know people so they trust you.

If you want a Full Tilt sponsorship, you will need to have a deposit history. Without having previously deposited on your Full Tilt account you cannot receive a transfer. In order to demonstrate poker ability, it can help if your username is on Sit And Go leader boards, or if you can find someone to vouch for you. Having an active appearance on the forums and chat dialogs can really help, but ensure you do this without spamming.

A Full Tilt sponsorship is unlikely to have you on the high stake games anytime soon. If you find someone willing to sponsor you, keep in mind they're likely to give you $5-$20 maximum. Play on the low stake tables, return the money and the investment. Maybe in the future, they might sponsor you for higher stakes.

If you log into Full Tilt and start spamming the tables asking for a deposit, it's very unlikely you will get anything. If you take your time playing freerolls and practice tables to build your game while getting to know the community and approach a few people with a Full Tilt sponsorship proposition, you might well get it. Just be sure to play your A-game. It might be someone else's money, but if you throw it away on stupid plays it will most likely be your last.

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