Playing Full Tilt Poker From Your iPhone or Blackberry

Full Tilt Poker might not provide an application for the iPhone or Blackberry, but playing Full Tilt from your iPhone or Blackberry is actually possible. It does have downsides however.

Playing Full Tilt Poker takes surprisingly little internet usage, however to be able to play from your iPhone or Blackberry you will need to use your computer as a middle man. This connection can take a lot of bandwidth you don't want to disconnect from the table when you've just flopped a full house.

If you are going to play Full Tilt Poker on your iPhone or Blackberry ensure you are somewhere with a strong and reliable 3G signal. The constant data stream will also drain your battery, so ensure you are fully charged.

As I mentioned, Full Tilt Poker does not provide an application to play Full Tilt from the iPhone or Blackberry. So instead you can control your computer through your phone, and play through your computer. In order to do this you will need to install a free program called RealVNC on your computer and install the viewer program on your iPhone or Blackberry. Installing RealVNC is pretty straightforward, just make sure you use a password or anyone can remotely access your computer.

You will need to leave your computer powered on with the VNC client running. If you don't live alone then you might want to mention your remote access or leave a "do not touch" note on the monitor. The last thing you want is for your room mate to start using the computer while you're trying to play.

The ability to play Full Tilt Poker from your iPhone or Blackberry is pretty handy. You can sit on a bus or a lecture while playing a sit and go or ring cash game. You can even just watch other tables while walking down the street.

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