Gambling on a buget in Las Vegas

Gambling on a budget in Las Vegas! Your thinking, "yeah right!", well guess what? It is possible to go to Las Vegas on a budget, especially right now! The economic status allows you to take advantage of several adventrous and funfilled activities. Have you ever wanted to do something spontaneous or just crazy? If so, listed below is your opportunity and how to do it!

Gambling on a budget in Las Vegas!

  • Choose your destination of stay in Las Vegas. Most casinos are offering very low nightly accomadations, some are even free. You can email or call various casinos and negotiate free nights. Once, you have established your destination and made your reservation, your off to the next step. (Tip: Go from Sunday to Thursday for ultimate savings.)
  • Airfares are real affordable right now but you still can save a considerable amount of money by driving to Las Vegas and gain an incredible experience from the travels thru different states. (Example: A 4 cylinder vehichle driving 2000 miles will cost around $150.00.) Decide your traveling arrangement and make reservations. If you decided to drive, read the next step and if your going to fly skip to the next step.
  • Go to mapquest, type in your casino address and then your personal address from where you will be leaving out. Determine how far you are willing to drive in one day and pinpoint a destination you will stay for the night. Then research motel/hotel rates on travelocity and or any websites and negotiate your room rates. once you have established the best rate, book your reservation. (Example: Your going to travel 2000 miles. You can drive 12 to 14 hours and reach your night of stay, do the same thing the second day & have your second destination stay booked, and will arrive at your casino by noon the next day.) You can stretch it out as much to meet your needs but listed above is the fastest and less expensive route to Las Vegas.
  • Now, you have your rooms booked, gas money set aside or you have decided to fly and arrived to your destination. (Tip; If you decided to drive, a GPS is very helpful and a list of your motel/hotel addresses and phone numbers will be helpful, just in case...)
  • You are checking in the casino, most require you to have a credit card to use for a deposit. If you dont have a credit card, you will typically be asked to leave $200.00 but you will get this back when you check out and you will be glad to have it back most likely.
  • To save extra money, park your own vehicle in the parking garage and tote your things to your room. This will save a little. Note: All parking is free in Las Vegas!
  • Once, your situated in your room. Sit down and create a budget and a lot so much to play in each casino. Always, go straight to the sign-up registration booth in every casino. This is where you get free promotional money to start out with on the slots. (Example: If you allow your self $20 to $50 per casino and use your promotional money, you should be able to stretch it out for an hour to 5 hours depending on how lucky you are at the time. The cool thing is the more you play the greater the chance of free food. Once, your budget for that particular casino is used up, go check to see if you can get any food comps & etc., chances are you will get some comps.
  • Do allow yourself enough money to eat on during your whole stay, just in case your luck runs out. (Note: You can take snacks, drinks, & etc. to keep in your room. They also have a grocery store nearby the strip and hamburger joints. You should be able to eat free most of the time.
  • Last but least, spread it out, you can play up to 5 or more casinos on free promotional money within the day and as little as $20 to $200 in an entire day at the casinos and possibly eat free all day long. Remember, drinks are always free in the casinos when your playing the sloys or tables.
  • Have fun!, walk around and look at all the free shows and scenery. Pick up free magazines from your casino and will give you a list of free shows, coupons, & etc. Good Luck!

So, it is possible to go to Las Vegas on a low budget and have the time of your life! $1000.00 used correctly will get you 3 to 5 days of entertainment used with free promotional money from each visited casino, free comped food, and other comps.

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