How to Beat a Slot Machine at a Casino

Need tips on how to beat a slot machine? If you're planning a trip to a casino, there are smart ways to play slots that will maximize your chances of coming out ahead, even though there are no guarantees that you'll win. Here are some tips from the pros that may give you an advantage over someone who goes in without a strategy.

Types of Slots
There is a wide assortment of slot games available for you to try. They have different denominations of coins, different combinations of bets and different numbers of lines to gamble on. The first rule is to know how to play the game you select. Slot machines typically have a help screen or an instruction screen that shows the directions for playing. Familiarize yourself with the rules and options so you can make the best choice for the amount of money you are risking, and the payout you want to get. If you have questions, ask an attendant. If you're confused, don't play.

Location, Location, Location
Loose machines, those which have the highest payout percentages, are typically located away from the high-traffic areas of a casino. The places where people are waiting in line for food or to get admission to a show, generally have tighter slots. Look for local players rather than tourists, or ask casino personnel to give you guidance about where the loose machines are located.

Payouts and Percentages
While the lure of slot machines is massive jackpots, especially those progressive jackpots that can win hundreds of thousands of dollars, only a few players will ever win a jackpot in a lifetime of playing. It's a simple fact that the machines with the highest payouts also have the lowest payout percentages. Otherwise, the casino wouldn't make money.

It's fine to spend a few dollars chasing those giant jackpots, but don't let that be your sole goal at a casino, or you'll be out of money quicker than you expected. Instead, look for machines with lower top prizes and average payouts. These machines have higher payout percentages, which means you're more likely to win, even though you'll win less. Over the course of a few hours, you'll spend less on a machine with a higher payout percentage.

Keep Track of Your Money
Start your play knowing how much money you have decided to risk. Don't get caught up in trying to win back your cash if you are losing by doubling or tripling your bets.

If you are at a machine that isn't paying out after four spins or so, move to another machine. Continuing to play the same machine doesn't increase your odds of winning, as the result of each spin is randomly generated by a computer inside the machine.

If you start to get ahead, you can make higher bets or play machines with a higher number of reels and bet the maximum lines. Look for the machines that have the best bonuses for betting the maximum lines. Knowing the machines, keeping with your budget and remembering to have fun are all keys to doing well. If you are coming out ahead, choose to risk some but not all of your winnings on future bets. That way, you are coming out ahead.

One strategy is to divide your money into different coin denominations and play the highest-priced slots first. That way you can win the biggest jackpots at the start of your gambling time, and lengthen the time you can play.  

An opposite strategy is to play the slots that ask for the lowest denomination and smallest number of coins, because you are risking the least money, although the payouts are smaller. That strategy allows for longer play because it takes you longer to lose the money you're putting in the machines.

The bottom line is you really can't beat the system. If there was a way, the casino owners wouldn't have slot machines. Every play is random, and the odds don't change if you play 25 spins or spin a single time. 

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