Dollhouse Accessories

A dollhouse is a magical miniature version of a larger house, real or imagined. Like a full-sized house, the dollhouse cannot sit as an empty shell with unfurnished rooms, bare floors and unadorned walls. A dollhouse needs accessories.

Dollhouse accessories include items like furniture, floor coverings, wall and window treatments and decorative knick-knacks. One of the world's most famous dollhouses, owned by screen actress Colleen Moore, features several pieces of priceless art as accessories. Moore's dollhouse accessories include the smallest Bible in the world and a solid-gold chandelier accented with real diamonds and emeralds.

Most dollhouses, even those owned by collectors, do not include the extravagant accessories in Moore's dollhouse. However, the options for filling the dollhouse with miniatures are endless and vary in price.

Dollhouse styles range from cottages to townhomes to log cabins to replicas of famous houses. When choosing accessories for a dollhouse, especially if the dollhouse is for display, it is important to choose pieces that match the house's style and scale size. A dollhouse to be used as a plaything for children can be more eclectic. Children will not care if the furniture in the living room is Victorian while the kitchen is contemporary.

Dollhouse accessories fall into several categories. When shopping for accessories it can be easier and more efficient to decide first if you are decorating a single room or searching for accent pieces for throughout the house. Accent pieces include miniature items like comb/brush vanity sets, a child's pull toy or jack-in-the-box or even a dog food bag with a filled food bowl for a miniature canine.

Shopping online is a great way to browse hundreds of options in a minimal amount of time. Most accessory websites feature sections designated for rooms like kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and baths. Do not forget to accessorize the outside of the dollhouse with landscape features like a trellis with silk ivy, tiny potted plants or even an authentic looking electric meter/fuse box to mount on the outside wall of the dollhouse.

Accessories for a dollhouse kitchen can be some of the most fun to select. Whether decorating a contemporary kitchen, Colonial kitchen, Victorian or cottage-style kitchen there are many choices, each accessory adding a bit more authenticity and uniqueness to the dollhouse. Items to consider include decorative plates and plate holders, dishtowels, small appliances and realistic-looking food.

A dollhouse bathroom can be accessorized with detail items like a plunger, bathroom scale and a toothbrush set to mount on the wall. Other items might include miniature toilet paper rolls, a laundry hamper and a box of facial tissue. Add an alarm clock, perfume bottle or miniature books to accent the bedroom. Rugs, vases with flowers, artwork and detail items like a sports trophy or basket with knitting supplies can add flair and personality to a living room.

Dollhouse accessories are fun. Teeny-tiny replicas, they bring out the personality of the dollhouse and ignite the imaginations of each visitor. Choosing the accessories to fit the style of the dollhouse can be important but it is equally important to choose items that bring you pleasure.

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