How to Install Dollhouse Lighting

If you like dollhouses, you know that dollhouse lighting not only brightens up the house, the light adds more of a lifelike appearance to your doll residence. While it may seem complicated, dollhouse lighting can be relatively easy to install.

Dollhouse Lighting
If you can, plan your lighting locations before you decorate your dollhouse. This way, you will be able to cover up your wiring in the decorating process, with two exceptions. The walls in rooms with wall lights or lamps should be painted or papered before you install these lights.

You don't have to wire the whole dollhouse at once or even buy all of your fixtures at once. You can light your dollhouse room by room and decorate as you go, but you still need to know how many light fixtures and bulbs that you will be installing overall.

Once you are finished with your plan, count the number of light bulbs that you will be using. This means that if you have a fixture with two bulbs in it, you will count the bulbs as two, rather than as one fixture. This will tell you what transformer that you will need for your project.

Now, count the number of fixture wires that you will have. This will help you figure out the number of sockets boards, which average twelve sockets per board, you will buy. If you need to, you can use more than one socket board per transformer.

When you have your socket board, place it in a location on the outside of the dollhouse that is easily accessible.

Start with a room on the first floor of your dollhouse. When you drill holes for your wires, make the holes as small as possible. If you need to run a wire down a wall or across a floor, cut small V grooves in which to place the wires, using a chisel. You may want to sand the grooves a little using a file. Use masking tape to cover the wires because may need to remove the wires and fixtures at some point in time.

If the counting and the matching and the bulbs versus fixtures are too much for you, you can always start with a light kit. You will still have to plan in advance, but light kits may make installation a little easier for you.

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