How to Make a Dollhouse Bed

The bed is a focal point in your dollhouse bedroom. If you know how to make a dollhouse bed, you can create a bedroom that is completely unique.

How to Make a Dollhouse Bed.
Buy an appropriate thickness of foam so that it will fit within the dimensions of the bedroom. Then, cut the foam into the bed size that you would like to have-twin, queen size or king size-using a square to make sure that the corners are right. You can cut the foam using a utility knife or a box cutter.

After you have formed your bed, cut its corners at an angle. Then, sand the edges of the bed all of the way around using an emery board or a piece of sandpaper for a smoother, rounder appearance. You now have your bed.

To furnish the bed, glue a piece of fabric onto the bed to act as the bottom sheet. Then, tuck the bed with another piece of matching fabric with the top folded over and sewn into place like a top sheet would look. Cut a piece of heavier fabric to be the quilt or blanket with enough fabric to cover the doll-sized pillows. If you don't want to actually make little mini pillows right now, you can roll a piece of cut fabric to put under the top blanket to resemble pillows.

You can make a headboard for your bed by using two pieces of cardboard cut to the size that you need, gluing fabric onto the cardboard and then gluing one piece of the cardboard to the head of the bed  and the other to the foot. If you are a little handier, you can make a headboard and footboard by cutting and gluing pieces of popsicle sticks together. You can then paint the boards if you wish.

When you can, make some complementary throw pillows for your bed for a bedroom-complete appearance.

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