How to Make Dollhouse Furniture

If you have fallen in love with dollhouses and are a do-it-yourselfer, learning how to make dollhouse furniture should be high on your list of projects.

How to Make Dollhouse Furniture
You can use matchboxes to make pieces of furniture. To make a bureau or a dresser, you can cover the matchboxes with paper or contact paper in the color of your choice and glue the "drawers" together to the right height. Then, cut out a piece of cardboard that is slightly larger than the top of chest, glue contact paper on the cardboard and then glue the cardboard onto the bureau. Finish your dresser by gluing beads on the "drawers" of your dresser.

You can also make a desk using matchboxes. You will have two stacks of "drawers" for your desk assembled like the dresser drawers above to form the sides of the desk. Cut a piece of cardboard at least the width of three matchboxes to form the top of the desk. Cover or paint the cardboard and glue to the top of the matchbox stacks, with one stack at one end of the "desk" and the other stack on the opposite side.

Cut four pieces of appropriate sized foam to make a sofa, one for the sitting area, one for the back and two for the arm rests. Round the appropriate edges by cutting the edges at an angle with a utility knife or box cutter and then sanding the edges for a softer curve with an emery board or a piece of sandpaper. Glue the fabric of your choice onto the four different pieces and then glue the pieces together. You can put push pins on the four corners for feet if you wish. Then, make tiny throw pillows and accent your couch.

Take the caps off of bottles such as spray starches. Turn the caps cap-up to use as tables or yard tables. If you like, you can paste a piece of fabric on the top of a cap and drape the fabric to the floor. Then, you can fluff out the tablecloth or glue folds into it.

Making furniture for dollhouses is fun. With a little imagination, you can use all sorts of everyday items to complete your dollhouse.

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