How To Build a Working Model Airplane

If you're wondering how to build a working model airplane from a kit, you'll have a better chance of success. Building with a kit is markedly easier than building from scratch, but a few of the same basic principles apply.

Build in Stages
A model is much easier to assemble if its defined pieces are already assembled. To that end, make sure the fuselage is in one piece, followed by the rudder, flaps, and other portions of the plane. Try and divide it into sections-middle, right, left-and then attach them at its core to make the finished version. Always consult your assembly guide, and for more information on building model planes, visit

Mounting the Engine
Mount the engine on the engine mount, with the back of the spinner facing the correct direction. Once you've done this, mark the holes in the mount with a sharp object. The model airplane engine should not be squeezed tightly between the two mounting bars. Make sure the engine sits nice and flat on the mounting bars. After carefully marking where the holes should be on the mount, remove the mount from the firewall. Use a drill press to drill the holes. Once the holes are drilled, bolt the engine mount to the firewall, and bolt the engine to the mount.

The Propeller
When picking out a propeller, be sure not to pick one that is too large for your plane, as it can make the engine run slowly. Be sure to purchase a good propeller balancer, and follow your manual(s) to wire the propeller to the motor. 

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