How To Make a Model Airplane From a Kit

If you're wondering how to make a model airplane from a kit, there's a good chance you've either lost your instruction manual, or just want to take stock of the task before you embark on it. Either way, we've got you covered. Building with a kit is markedly easier than building from scratch, but a few of the same basic principles apply.

Make Sure You've Got Everything
The beauty to having a kit is that you should have several diagrams of what the final product should look like, plus an inventory of all the pieces that come with the kit. Your first step should always be taking everything out of the box, laying it out in a safe area and inspecting your pieces to make sure they are present, as well as in good working order. The worst thing that can happen is getting halfway done and realizing you're missing the piece that holds it all together.

Read the Instructions
As always, this is the most important step to building anything (sorry, fellas). As soon as you open up the kit, read the manual so that you have at least a fundamental understanding of how the model should look, and where to begin.

Paint/Decal First, Assemble Later
Some kits will come with their own paints or decals, as well as a suggested color scheme for the model. Either way, it's much easier to paint each individual piece first, applying at least two or three coats and letting each dry adequately. This way, you don't have to worry about decorating the plane once it's built-and risk breaking and/or damaging it.

Build in Stages
A model is much easier to assemble if its defined pieces are already assembled. To that end, make sure the fuselage is in one piece, followed by the rudder, flaps, and other portions of the plane. Try and divide it into sections-middle, right, left-and then attach them at its core to make the finished version. Always consult your assembly guide.

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