Essential Model Airplane Building Supplies

Heart and determination are not the only model airplane building supplies that you are likely to need. While the model kit may come with the pieces of the plane and some instructions, it's on you to have the goods to put it all together. Before you start building, make sure these are ready available.

Tool Time
While it's not impossible to build a plane by hand, it's kind of a pain. So you should plan on having some basic tools on hand to help you as you go. Things like pliers, a pocket knife, and even a magnifying glass, so you can get a peak at the nooks and crevices that could need extra paint or tweaking. Also, a tape measure or ruler is good to have on hand, to guarantee parts on opposite sides match up evenly.

If Building From Scratch
If you're building from scratch, your materials are a bit simpler, but equally vital. 2020site suggests you have the following tools/materials on hand to build the fuselage and core of the plane: "Six feet of flat oiled steel wire, for framework of planes and ribs; one sheet of bamboo fiber paper, for covering planes; two straight-grained spruce sticks three feet long by 1/4x5/16", for fuselage; two feet of split bamboo, for cross braces; three feet of one-sixteenth inch steel wire for hooks." When it comes to the plane's amenities, 2020site calls for: "Two seven-inch propeller blanks, for propellers; forty-two feet of three-thirty-second inch square rubber, for motors; one egg beater, for winder." In terms of holding it all together: "One can of glue, for joints; one spool of strong linen thread, for lashing joints; one can of bamboo varnish, for coating planes; one four-inch piece of brass, for bearings; one-half dozen washers, for bearings." Of course, depending on how you build, you may not need all of these, but this should give you a basic idea where to begin.

If Building From a Kit
If you're building from a kit, there is less emphasis on the actual plane itself, but rather the materials you are going to need to hold it in place and paint it. Jetplanes calls for "Liquid poly for the major gluing work; tube type polystyrene cement for some jobs and thinning the filler, pipettes for controlled movement of liquids such as enamel thinner into paint; tube of plastic filler; two part epoxy filler; super glue; PVA glue; latex based masking liquid." And, they also suggest some of the obvious tools, such as paint brushes, a scalpel knife, side cutters, small clamps and clothes pegs and masking tape.

But Before You Build
Make sure you plan. To that end, get a hold of some graph paper and pencils so that you're able to sketch your model out to scale.

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