Tips For Building Plastic Model Airplanes

Looking for some tips for building small, plastic model airplanes? Maybe you're a hobbyist who just enjoys building models-or, you're a parent whose child wants to be the next Charles Lindbergh, or Sully Sullenberger. Here are some tips to help you feed the dream-if for no other reason, the free guest passes.

Make a Blueprint
This is the most important step when constructing anything, be it a model or an actual-size. It's important to plan your model from start to finish, using a ruler or graph paper to note to-scale measurements. also suggests that you do your research on the actual plane of which you are building a model-making sure yours is consistent with its real-life counterpart. This includes not only size and structure, but also the colors and design, to make it as accurate as possible. This is if you're building from scratch. If you're building from a kit…

Consult The Manual
This is your best friend, folks. Before doing anything, open up to the page listing each part/piece that comes with the kit, and make sure you have it. You'd hate to get 99% of the way there and realize you're missing the piece that holds it all together.

Paint it Black…or whatever color you choose.
A common mistake is to construct a plane, and then attempt to paint it as-is. While doable, it can be hard to reach every nook and crevice without possibly breaking off a piece of the model. Decide, as part of your planning, which color each part of the model is going to be and paint accordingly. Now grab your tools and your manual, and get ready for takeoff.

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