How to Make a Model Car Display

Model car builders should know how to make a model car display for exhibiting their work. Display cases are a great way to express creativity and turn your cars into art. You can make a display for a single car or for your entire collection.

Before you begin, you'll need to consider the size of your models and how many you want to display. This will be the deciding factor in the size of your display case and the way in which you choose to present the cars.  

You can recycle old furniture by using it to make your display case. For example, you can use an old dresser to display your cars by removing the front panels of the drawers, where the handle or knob is. You can replace the panels with Plexiglas and use hinges to create "doors" to retrieve your cars.

You can also use an empty terrarium or fish tank to display your cars. You can even set up a scene inside the tank to make the cars really come to life. Some model car builders create scenery with miniature trees, houses and dolls. This can be a fun way to add personality to a child's room and a great project for you to work on with them once the cars are done.

If you're looking for a more classic and simple display case for single cars, you can use shadowboxes. Shadowboxes are easy to hang on walls, inexpensive and available at all craft stores. Displaying your cars in shadowboxes will turn them into timeless pieces of art that you can show off anywhere in your house.

Making a model car takes a lot of time and patience. Having a well-made display case will keep your cars safe from damage and allow everyone to enjoy your work!

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