Model Car Building Tips and Tricks

Learning the best model car building tips and tricks will help you create a beautiful and long lasting model.

Before you start putting the pieces together, remember that it's essential to build model cars in a clean and organized workspace. Try to find a workspace away from pets and children; there will be some dangerous materials and small parts that can become choking hazards.

Hobby knives can be useful tools when creating model cars, but they can also be dangerous. Always cut away from yourself and keep your fingers away from the blade.

Keep similar pieces together so as to avoid confusion and lost parts. It's a good idea to number all of the parts and make a corresponding list to easily identify them.

Sandpaper can be great for polishing, smoothing and removing rough patches. You should sand the pieces of your model lightly to rid it of any possible rough edges or scratches. Sanding your model will also get it ready for priming, which is done before painting.

Primer should be applied in a well-ventilated area, as it has strong fumes. Turn a shoebox on its side and place the model pieces inside. Spraying the pieces while they're inside the shoebox will reduce mess and make it easier to coat evenly. Primer coats should be light to avoid streaking and to keep drying time short.

After the pieces are completely dry, you can begin painting. Note that it is far easier to paint your model while it's still in pieces than when it's assembled. Having a pair of tweezers on hand will make it easier to paint the tiny pieces.  Allow the pieces to dry completely in between coats and before assembly.

When it's time to assemble your model, make sure you have a gel glue and toothpicks on hand. Instead of applying glue directly from the bottle, empty some into a tray and then apply it with a toothpick. This will keep the glue from smearing and strands of it from drying on your model. Keep your model stationed in the same place until it's completely dry.

Scale model car building may be complex at first, but following these tips will guarantee a well-made car that you can enjoy for years to come! 

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