Essential Model Car Building Supplies

Essential model car building supplies include glue, sandpaper and paint. There are many options to choose from, which may be overwhelming at first. Luckily, the products you'll need are relatively inexpensive, which makes it easy to make model car building your new favorite pastime.

When picking out glue, be sure to stay away from superglue, thick pastes and glue sticks. Gel glues work just as well as regular glue but don't run as much. Gel glue is also less messy, so the pieces of your car will stick together better.

Sanding is a great way to add polish and shine to your car. Some model car builders use regular sandpaper, but others use wet sandpaper. Water acts as a lubricant to the sandpaper, so material is removed slower, but the car is smoother and more polished afterwards. Wet sanding is usually done when preparing for the final step, painting.

Before painting your miniature car models, you should buy a mild detergent and a paint primer. The detergent is used as a wash to rid the model of dust and oils from your hands. The primer has several uses. First, it provides a solid foundation for equal paint coverage. Second, it protects the plastic parts of the car against damage from paint color seeping into the model.

Primer should be applied to everything except the tires and any clear or chrome parts.  When purchasing primer, make sure to get the flat finish instead of glossy, as it dries faster and works better with paints.

There are three types of paint for model cars: acrylic, enamel and lacquer. Acrylic paints are water soluble and therefore easy to clean up if spilled. Enamel and lacquer are oil-based and can't be cleaned up without a special solution.

The three different paints also have varying drying times. Enamels take the longest, sometimes taking up to two or three weeks to dry completely. Acrylic paints can usually dry within three or four days and lacquers are dry after one or two.

Research different products before you go to the store to buy them. There are several websites and online forums where model car enthusiasts share their opinions on favorite products. Reading testimonials from experienced builders will help you to find exactly what you need to build the perfect model car. 

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