How to Make a Viking Model Ship

Check out great instructions and tips for how to make a Viking model ship if you are new to the world of ship building.

Viking Model Ships for Kids
In order to build a Viking ship, you will need:

  • An empty facial tissue box, at least 120 count
  • Scissors
  • Eight bamboo skewers
  • Glue
  • Model glue
  • Paint and paint brushes
  • Construction paper
  • Crayons, colored pencils, markers

Cut off the top of the facial tissue box. Then, cut an arc one of the long sides of the box, beginning at one edge and ending at the other. The arc should hit the halfway mark towards the bottom of the box at the arc's lowest point. Next, cut another arc on the opposite side of the box to match.

You will use six skewers to make oars, three for each side. Cut twelve ovals out of your construction paper. Glue two ovals to together over one end of each skewer to make the paddles. Then, cut the other end of the skewers, if needed, to the length of your choice. Push the "un-paddled" ends through the boat from the outside. Remove the oars and put them aside.

Now, you get to paint your boat. Let the boat dry completely before you start on the mast.

Cut another bamboo skewer to the length of your choice to be the mast for your boat. Anchor the mast in the center of the boat using model glue.

Cut a piece of skewer to hold the sail. Then, snip out your sail from a piece of construction paper using scissors. Decorate your sail and then glue it onto the skewer. You may have to roll the paper over the skewer in order to make the paper stick. Then, glue this onto the mast.

Cut out circles of construction paper and decorate them. Glue the circles along the arcs on each side of the boat.

Insert your oars and you are done!

Viking Ship Models for Adults
You can buy Viking ship model plans or kits for Viking model ships, if you only want to assemble and decorate your ship, online. You can also find a few free plans if you have a little patience. You will find these "freebies" doing an online search using "free Viking ship model plans." If you have the time, you can also explore model ship forums to see if anyone can refer you to or provide you with free Viking ship plans.

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When you are just learning how to build a model ship, start small.

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When you are just learning how to build a model ship, start small.

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