Types of Wood Used in Model Ships

Are you interested in building models? Then, you might like to know more about the types of wood used in model ships.

Types of Wood Used in Model Ships
Walnut is a hardwood that comes in colors in the brown range. This wood may be the coarsest wood used in carving, but it is generally still considered a moderately coursed grained wood. Walnut trees, which grow in the United States and Canada, produce wood that is strong and stiff as well as decay resistant.

Boxwood, which has a light yellow color, grows in Europe, Western Asia and North America. This wood is moderately stiff with bending strength. Using nails on boxwood can be a problem as the nails can cause the wood to splinter, so drill holes in the wood before nailing. Boxwood is one of the preferred woods when making wood model ships.

Pear is another one of the preferred woods for wood ship models. Pear is a hardwood with a pink-brown color that can be used to make anything from planks to furniture. This wood can be hard to split and is heavy with uniform fibers.

If you are looking at your masts, pine might be the wood of choice. Pine is also a good selection for making planks. The colors of pine run from white to yellow.

If you are inclined to use balsa, you might try obechi instead. Obechi, which grows in West Africa, is easy to work. In addition, obechi holds nails well, unlike balsa. Obechi does not splinter easily and has a medium to course texture.

Generally speaking, the finer the grained wood that you use if you are carving for the model ship, the less likely the wood will split. Fine grained woods that are hard and dense are good for small carvings. Finer grained woods include dogwood, apple and holly. Apple wood, a pinkish-brown wood, is very dense and has good gluing and nailing characteristics. Holly has a close grain and fine texture. Use basswood, walnut or mahogany for carvings larger than ¼ inch.

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