How to Create Model Railroad Buildings

Learning how to create model railroad buildings will make your model train set even more impressive. Though it is easy to purchase pre-made buildings, they may not match your scenery or they may be the wrong size. Erecting the buildings from scratch will also challenge your creativity and increase your skill level as a model train builder.

Before you made plans for setting up the train tracks, you probably created a layout of where the track would go. The blank spaces around the track are perfect for buildings, houses and trees. If you're designing a track in a city, you will obviously have more buildings to create. If your train is supposed to be in a remote area, however, you may choose to have fewer buildings and focus more on the scenery.

The first thing you should do is decide on the size of your buildings and measure to make sure they will fit in the space around the track. Once everything is planned out, you can lay down the track and begin to model the buildings. Remember to only design buildings that match your theme, time period and location.

Hand-made buildings are typically created from gluing together cut pieces of wood or styrene. Once the outside of the building is constructed, you can paint and decorate it as you see fit. Airbrushing the paint will make it look even more realistic.

You can also make the inside of the buildings detailed. Some model train creators have been known to add real working lights to their buildings or add furniture and model people on the inside.

Some popular buildings for model railroad tracks include town halls, small houses, barns and skyscrapers. You can keep the buildings plain or be incredibly detailed. You can also create tiny buildings on the outside of your model to create the illusion of depth and distance.

Though this seems like a long process, your model railroad will be an incredible accomplishment when it is complete!

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