How to make a Model Catapult for a science project


Materails needed to make your model;

  1. Two bags of popsicle sticks
  2. One bottle of glue
  3. One roll of masking tape
  4. One bag of rubber bands
  5. Two screw-in hooks
  6. One pair of scissors
  7. One soda bottle lid
  8. One cut hanger
  9. One pair wire cutters
  10. One small drill bit

These materails can be found at any hobby store, or dollar store, But if you have a sweet tooth and want to do it the hard way you can eat a couple hundred popsicles.

Start  by figuring out the size of catapult you want to build, Then lay out your sticks to start cutting. Cut off both round ends, You can make the base as big as you want by overlapping the ends of the sticks so that they don't line up, you can do this by cutting them different lengths. You will want to glue at least five sticks side-by-side,this will make each place very strong. Remember you have to make two of each piece on most of the parts.

Once you have the parts cut for the base,and know how you want to put them together you are ready to start glueing. Take your tape and tear off three pieces and put them somewhere out of the way for now. Glue your sticks together so the ends overlap, once you have them glued, take the tape and wrap the ends and middle to hold it together till the glue dries. Make the other side and both ends. When doing the ends leave your top stick long enough to lay over the sides to glue down to make a box. You will also want to make a couple extra pieces like this for in the middle.

Next start on the upright parts take five sticks cut off one ,take two whole sticks and glue them together. Make sure to glue the long sticks on the outside,these will be lined up on the base and glued down to make the up-rights,glue these about one third of the way back from the front. Now take ten sticks and cut them at 45 degree angles on both ends, glue five together, then glue the other five together,taping both stacks till they dry. Glue these on the front of the up-rights to the base.

Next take five sticks, cut four to fit between up-rights,and one that lays across both up-rights, glue these together and tape till dry. This piece will be glued at the top of the up-rights, with the long stick towards the back. Now you can make the arm,take your sticks and cut off one end and overlap the ends, this step is going to use quite a few sticks,use ten glued together, then take four with one end cut off, glue these four over the sides, making a box.

Now you will need to drill a hole in one end of the arm, and about one half of an inch up on the up-rights from the base, now take the coat hanger and cut a piece out that will pass through both up-rights and the arm,bend both ends over to keep it from sliding out.  Now glue the lid to the end of the arm,and fasten the eye hook below the lid, then put the second when in the base at the front.

Put on the rubber bands and have some fun, I like shooting tiny marshmellows, cats love to chase them.


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