How to Velobind

VeloBind is a trademark of General Binding Corporation. It's also the generic name for a type of book binding using plastic strips with tines. This process is also sometimes referred to as "strip binding."

Velobind Machine and Supply Information
There are two main types of velobind machines, one that uses heat, or "hot knives," to bind the plastic strips together and one that operates by snapping the tines into a receiving strip. The "hot knife" system will give your manuscripts a permanent seal, and the snap style will allow you to remove the binding and make changes to the manuscripts if necessary. The strips that you use will have between four to eleven pins depending on the type of velobind machine that you choose. In addition, you may have the option of using the snap style bindings on a "hot knife" velobind machine.

It is sometimes difficult to find ways of binding manuscripts that are thicker than two inches regardless of the binding method that you use. There are velobind machines that can accommodate manuscripts up to three inches thick.

You can purchase a manual velobind machine or one that is electric, according to your needs.

Velobind machines can be purchased for under $200, although machines that are quicker and have more features may range up to $5,000 or more.

You may also be interested in a velobind debinder to remove the bindings that were put together using the hot knife system. Since the hot knife systems are designed to create permanent, secure bindings, it can be difficult to remove the bindings should you need to make some changes to your documents. The debinder can safely and easily remove the bindings for you.

Velobind Supplies and Inventory
One of the nice advantages of velobinding is that in many ways, it is a "one size fits all" type of binding system. Therefore, you don't have to stock a number of different sizes of bindings even if you frequently publish documents that have a different number of pages.

If you are looking for a binding system where you end up with professional looking bounded documents, investigate a velobind machine, whether you are interested in a snap system or a hot knife system.  

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