Homemade Easter Cards

To make homemade Easter cards, you first need to think about the holiday. What does Easter mean to you and what does it mean to the recipient of the card?

Make Your Own Easter Cards
Easter is a time of new beginnings and card making designs for this religious holiday can be simple, elaborate, religious or not-cards can even be silly or funny. The only real requirements when making your own Easter cards is that the verse or saying inside the card and the photos or pictures you choose are tastefully done and won't offend anyone.

Simple cards need not be more than a basket and a few colored eggs. Rubber stamps would work well to create this design. Using a rubber stamp, stamp the basket onto a yellow piece of cardstock and then cut the basket out. Using a rubber stamp of an individual Easter egg, stamp several on different colors of cardstock, or only stamp the eggs onto white cardstock and then color the eggs with a variety of colored markers or crayons. Personalize the eggs with names or cute sayings. Using double-sided sticky tape, make some of the eggs pop from the card. Add some to the basket and some on the card around the basket. Use dark markers to outline the basket weave and any details on the eggs.

Making Religious Cards
Because Easter is a religious holiday that circulates around Jesus, God, angels and church, a card with religious significance or detail can be very hard to create. Some simple ideas include depicting Jesus rising up into a radiant cloud or ever simpler-the sun coming out from behind the clouds. Other ideas include cutting out or creating a picture of a Bible or a fresh vase of lilies on the table.

To simplify card making, use a plain picture on the front of the card and use a more detailed, inspirational, eloquent verse inside of the card.

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