Ideas To Make A Collage

For some fantastic ideas to make a collage, you need only look as far as your own personality and lifestyle. A collage can be created with simple items, such as a dozen candid photos, a few words cut out of a magazine and two or three rubber stamps with colored stamp pads. In fact, sometimes the simpler patterns are the best.

Where To Find Ideas
When looking for ideas, search your heart. What inspires you? What makes you smile? What makes you cry? Where would you travel to if you had the chance? What is your favorite planet or constellation? Whom would you most like to emulate? What makes you feel connected? Whom do you love? Who is your best friend?

These questions should all come to mind when you look for ideas to make a collage that will move you in some way each and every time you look at it. Your answers will then help to inspire a theme that you can use to gather materials.

Sample Collage Themes
Once you have decided on what you want style of collage you'd like to create, it's time to figure out what kind of materials to use.

The Great Outdoors: If you are in tune with the planet, you might want to go for a collage that starts with some photos of you and your family enjoying the great outdoors, and then embellish it with ivy leaves that you rubber stamp onto brown paper bags and fill in with colored pencils. If the collage is being created on a corkboard, you can create daisies out of white paper bags by tracing two circles-one slightly smaller than the first-and snipping them all the way around to create petals. A yellow push pin will make the perfect flower center and also affix the daisy to the collage.

Go Green: Paper bags can also be used to create faux raffia. Cut the bags from top to bottom in strips that are about 4 inches wide. Crumple each strip, and then roll them into tight lengths. When you unroll each length, it can be used to create bows or to make a rustic border around your collage. Use recycled items, such as broken-down egg cartons. Cut several squares or circles from different colors of Styrofoam egg cartons, and glue them onto a background in a pattern.

Old-Fashioned Beauty: Step back in time, and think about how your great-grandmother might have made a kitchen collage. She might have used a few simple photos and added a few words from the few food containers that were purchased at the local store. She may have included phrases from the Bible, and she might also have dried a few fruits and used them as embellishments, along with a special ribbon or two. Slicing oranges, lemons and limes into thin slices, studding the peelings with cloves and then drying them in the oven would have created the perfect old-fashioned gems for her collage. Once the citrus slices have dried, they won't harm the photos, but they will add an old-fashioned touch that will take you back to a simpler place where something like a kitchen collage might have been the talk of the town for days.

Paper Quilt: To make a paper quilt collage, you can start with background scrapbooking papers found in any craft store. Purchase several sheets of contrasting or coordinating sheets, and then begin making you quilt. Start by cutting the sheets into a quilt pattern and placing them on the background. Finish the quilt off by adding a few embellishments you might use when quilting, such as a quilting needle and thread, a seam ripper, a few stick pins and a tape measure. For a nice touch, add a pair of scissors, laid down along the edge as if they were cutting into the fabric.

Capture The Seasons: For a collage that captures a season, suspending it in time, you could use one photo for each season or as many as you like. Purchase one large photo frame for one season or four large, same-size photo frames for all four seasons. Remove the glass from the frame, and then glue the photo on the background. The photos can be to one side or the other and centered or not.

Throughout the year, collect items that depict each season. Seed pods, feathers, small bird's nests, dried flowers, pine cones, boughs, birch twigs, river rocks, beach sand, shells and any other item you feel denotes the changing seasons can be used. (Note: If using three-dimensional items, the glass cannot be returned to the frame.) Let your sense of proportion take over as you place the accessories in and around the photos. Allow the embellishments to trail over the edge of the frame and wander from each season to the next for a meandering look, as if the wind is blowing you from one season to another.

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When learning how to make a collage, the easiest way to begin is to decide on the materials you want to use. Anything that you can glue together to form a piece of art can be called a collage.

Collage ideas can be as varied as the materials you use. Making a collage fun doesn't mean there needs to be humor on the page, but it does mean that you use your imagination and make ordinary items more interesting.

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Word collages can sum up what you want to say or make you look at something completely differently. You want to arrange the words so that they emphasize, complement or contradict one another.

Want to learn how to make a collage on the computer? Easy: Just use one of many available image programs. The programs are simple enough that even the most non-savvy computer user can create a collage in just a few hours.

The most common and creative collage ideas have been in use for centuries. But today's artist has a few new ideas up her sleeve.

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