Types of Collages

There are several different types of collages to explore if you like the idea of art collages. All of them are challenging, creative and fun, so go for it!

Types of Collages: Paper

Paper collages are easy and fun. You simply need different colors and types of paper. These pieces of paper don't have to be blank. In fact, you can use tickets, brochures and programs in your work, or just pieces of them, if you choose. Remember that you don't have to just glue pieces of paper onto your board. You can fold the papers or wrinkle them. You can smoosh different pieces of paper together. The idea is to create texture and contrast in your design.

Types of Collages: Wood

There is a whole world of wood around you, either natural, such as branches, bark or driftwood, or manmade, like railings, pieces of furniture or wood shingles. You might try wood-related sawdust to window frames in your work.

Types of Collages: Photomontages

Photomontages use photographs in their designs. In one type of photomontage, a number of small photographs are used to create a new, larger image. Another technique is to print more than one negative on a single piece of paper. Today, many use computers to manipulate images for their photomontages.

Types of Collages: The Secret

There is a terrific secret about colleges. The secret is that there are no rules at all. There is no right or wrong. Therefore, you can throw the "types of collages" to the wind when its gets down to it.

Combine different media. Don't limit yourself to paper, wood and photos. Throw in pieces of fabric, buttons or safety pins. Use twigs, different colored sand or shells in your pieces. Don't forget ink, paint, crayons or chalk.

In addition, you don't just have to format your work on paper. You can use canvas, wooden boxes, candles and lampshades as a basis for your collage. In addition, you can make all different types of collage jewelry.

With this type of artwork, the sky is almost literally the limit.

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When learning how to make a collage, the easiest way to begin is to decide on the materials you want to use. Anything that you can glue together to form a piece of art can be called a collage.

Collage ideas can be as varied as the materials you use. Making a collage fun doesn't mean there needs to be humor on the page, but it does mean that you use your imagination and make ordinary items more interesting.

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Word collages can sum up what you want to say or make you look at something completely differently. You want to arrange the words so that they emphasize, complement or contradict one another.

Want to learn how to make a collage on the computer? Easy: Just use one of many available image programs. The programs are simple enough that even the most non-savvy computer user can create a collage in just a few hours.

The most common and creative collage ideas have been in use for centuries. But today's artist has a few new ideas up her sleeve.

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