How To Make A Word Collage

Word collages can sum up what you want to say or make you look at something completely differently. Making word collages can be both fun and challenging. You want to arrange the words so that they emphasize, complement or contradict one another.

Linking Words Together
Linking words together in a collage can be accomplished by using arrows to point toward the next word, or by placing the words that are linked in a different color than the background, or by using a different font. You could also use different colors for words that fall into separate categories. For instance, words for items could be in shades of blue, while people and places can be signified by red wording. Use all of the primary colors and zigzag the words throughout the entire collage.

If you are making a celebrity word collage, you may add the names "Spears" and "K Fed," linked by the word "oops," linked by the word "Twitter" or by the word "divorce." The names "Tom," "Katie" and "Nicole" could all be placed near one another with "Tom" also linking to the words "War of the Worlds," "Katie" linking to the words "Dawson's Creek" and "Nicole" linking to her new husband's name, "Keith Urban." The name "Keith" could also link to the word "guitar," which could then link to "Elvis," which could link to the words "Heartbreak Hotel." Add a nice big red heart overlapping the word "heartbreak" and a guitar somewhere between the names "Keith" and "Elvis."

Repetitive Wording
To make dramatic art collages, choose one word that describes you, the room where the collage will hang or something about your life, and repeat that word in as many different fonts, colors and sizes as possible. Take advantage of magazine and newspaper clippings, as well as letters from food packaging. Start by gluing the largest sizes of your collected word on the background first, and then overlap the smaller sizes of the word over the top. Keep gluing on the word in random patterns until you find the pattern you like best.

Another idea is to take the same word in the same size and in the same color and overlap it randomly over the page. To add a little pizzazz, try adding one or two different colors of the same word.

Creating Borders
Borders on word collages can be created by taking a plain piece of construction paper and making an even two-inch outline, or by using a variety of colors and making a multi-colored border. The construction paper can then be decorated with rubber stamps or stencils and colored in with markers or left as an outline. To help the border blend in with the collage, make the design with either letters or numbers. Random numbers or letters will work just as well as dates, words, phrases, names or a series of phone numbers.

Spice Up A Word Collage With Photos
A fun way to spice up a word collage with photos is to use just a person's face. Either use the same photo over and over again or use different faces. The faces can replace the letters "o" or "a," or the faces can be scattered throughout the collage. Another dramatic way to use photos is to use one giant photo as the background and then scatter the words across the photo. Words can be strategically placed on the page so that only certain features are covered or so that the entire page, except perhaps the eyes or mouth is covered.

Using Posters As The Background
If you use the poster of a musical band as the background, you may want to create your word collage around concerts that you had attended. Cut out the letters to the name of the concert from the words from different cereal boxes so that you have a variety of different fonts and colors. Include your name on the collage, along with the names of any of your friends who joined you at the concert.

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When learning how to make a collage, the easiest way to begin is to decide on the materials you want to use. Anything that you can glue together to form a piece of art can be called a collage.

Collage ideas can be as varied as the materials you use. Making a collage fun doesn't mean there needs to be humor on the page, but it does mean that you use your imagination and make ordinary items more interesting.

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Want to learn how to make a collage on the computer? Easy: Just use one of many available image programs. The programs are simple enough that even the most non-savvy computer user can create a collage in just a few hours.

The most common and creative collage ideas have been in use for centuries. But today's artist has a few new ideas up her sleeve.

When you make a collage, you create a statement. The artist has full control over what materials are used and how they are used in order to create emotional responses.

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