Decoupage Paper: Using Family Photos

Why not incorporate your family photos into your decoupage paper? By using these pieces of memorabilia, you can decorate a surface with images of some of the most important people in your life. You can make any surface's decorations both stylish and personal when you decoupage with family photos.

First, choose the family photographs you want to use. Consider where you will place the object, as this will determine the photographs you choose. For example, if you want to decoupage pictures onto a coffee cup to use at work, you might not want to include photographs of your children in the bathtub or particularly personal photographs from your honeymoon.

Be sure to make copies of your family photographs. You don't want to use the only copy of the photographs only to realize you don't have negatives of the photos. Although decoupage techniques are great to try to follow, there is still a chance that you might ruin the photograph. The image can become wrinkled, discolored or the glue or lacquer won't adhere as effectively as you want it to.

Consider working with a printout of the photo instead of the actual photograph. These copies are generally thinner than the paper used for photographs and this makes decoupage easier (you won't have to use as many coats of glue on thinner pieces of paper).

When you gather your decoupage supplies, bring along multiple copies or versions of the photographs. When you arrange photos, you may find you like a darker or lighter photo depending on the other photographs you plan to incorporate. It helps to have as many options as possible. Also, if the photographs were printed with an ink-jet printer, you run the risk of the ink running while you decoupage.

There are no set rules when you decoupage with family photos. Just add a little creativity and imagination and you will soon be creating unique and memory-filled gifts and home decor.

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