Famous Kite Festivals

This is your challenge! Attend one of the famous kite festivals this year to feed your love of kites and to inspire you to reach new heights.

Famous Kite Festivals: The Smithsonian Kite Festival

The Smithsonian Kite festival, which is sponsored by the Smithsonian Associates and the National Air and Space Museum, has been held yearly at the Washington Mall in Washington D. C. since 1967. The Festival typically offers three competitions, including one for homemade kites. Special awards are handed out for kites in categories such as the wittiest, the most patriotic and the best costume.

Famous Kite Festivals: Bristol International Kite Festival

England's Bristol International Kite Festival yearly hosts international as well as national and local kite flying aficionados. The festival features demonstrations of kite flying skills, including fighting kites, as well as artistic kites.

Famous Kite Festivals: Cape Town International Kite Festival

Held annually over two days, the Cape Town International Kite Festival has been held for over 15 years in Muizenberg, South Africa. This festival is the largest kite festival in Africa and features competitions, attractions for children and, of course, international kite flyers.

Famous Kite Festivals: Weifang International Kite Festival

Held annually in Weifang's Fuyanshan Kite Flying Field in China, this kite festival celebrates the long history of kite making in China. The event attracts kite flyers from all over the world to Weifang, also called the Kite Capital of the World.

Famous Kite Festivals: Borneo International Kite Festival

Travel to Bintulu, Borneo for the Borneo International Kite Festival at the Old Airport Compound. You are likely to see kites in international competition as well as kites in national competitions using traditional kites. Kites will fight, will soar and will swipe.

Famous Kite Festivals: Kites and Bikes Festival

If you are in Brunswick Heads, Australia during March, you can join the annual Kites and Bikes Festival. There are kite workshops, bike parades, the largest kites in Australia and kite fighting challenges during this two day affair.

Of course, a festival doesn't have to be famous to be fun. Make sure that you check out your local area and go fly a kite.

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