How to Fly a Kite


One of the most enjoyable activities experienced during ones youth is flying a kite. Flying kites is an inexpensive way to share time with your family or just reduce some stress and escape back to your childhood.  Kite flying is fun! Flying a kite is especially enjoying when you learn how to fly and keep it in the air.

There are several brands and styles of kites available.  But regardless of which type of kite you decide on, you will need to know how to fly it.  The most common method used to fly a kite is waiting for a gust of wind to come along and lift it into the air.  There is an easier way to fly a kite.  The first step is to determine which way the wind is blowing and how strong as well.  After that, you will take your kite with the back side lying on the ground and walk about thirty to forty feet away from it while allowing the string to unravel as you walk.  The next step in learning how to fly a kite requires timing and a little bit of luck.  When the wind is blowing it is fairly easy to determine rate at which the gusts are occurring.  Rite when the gust of wind is about to start you will want to start running with the string while watching behind you to make sure the kite is rising into the air.  Run about fifteen to twenty feet and by then the kite should be high enough in the air that the higher winds will be controlling it.  Remember to allow the kite to pull up the extra line to gain height. 

Many kites exist on the market.  There are stunt, bi-plane, traditional and character shaped kites available to the consumer.  Most supermarkets and retailers stock basic model kites.  Start with the simple cheaper ones and work your way up to the more difficult to operate kites.  However, remember the old saying "you get what you pay for" when buying a kite.  You do not want to skimp too much and compromise for a well built one that has plenty of string. 

Learning how to fly a kite can be both fun and exciting.  Kite flying will not "break the bank" and can prove to be a bonding activity for the whole family.  After learning how to fly a kite you can design, build and fly your own creation.  Remember, don't get frustrated, take your time and keep in mind it may take a few times of trying to get it right.  Once you learn how to fly a kite your stress level will go down and for just a short period of time you can escape into innocent childhood memories.

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