Who Invented the Kite

Have you ever wondered who invented the kite?

Who Invented the Kite?

The name of the person who invented the kite is lost to history. Traditionally, historians have given credit to the Chinese. In fact, one legend has it that the kite was born when a Chinese farmer tied his hat to his head using a string to keep the wind from blowing the hat away.

Today, evidence indicates that the Chinese may not have been the first to fly kites. Other peoples, such as those in Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Polynesia, may have developed kites at about the same time as the Chinese. The credit may have gone to China simply has better written and artistic records that have lasted through time to today.

Kites have been flown for at least 2,300 years. The oldest information in existence today credits Chinese philosopher Mo-tse (c. 468 BC - c. 391 BC), also called Mo Di, Mo Ti or Mo Tzu, as being the kite's creator. Besides supposedly creating"the first kite, Mo-tse broke off from Confucian thinking to develop a philosophy/religion that said that people would benefit from treating everyone with the same love that they felt for their own families or, as he called it, "universal love."

Regardless of who actually invented the kite, kites, kite making and kite flying spread from the kite originators. Kites arrived in Korea and Japan in the 100s AD. While Romans may have flown wind socks as a form of military banners, it was Marco Polo (c. 1254 - c. 1324) brought information on the mysteries of kites to Europe after his adventures in China. From Europe, settlers brought kites to the New World.

Today, millions of people, children and adults alike, fly kites in competition or just for the pure joy of seeing a kite float through the air.

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