How to Make an Origami Dragon

One of the most intriguing origami designs is the origami dragon. Throughout the ages, dragons have lived in books, magazines, movies and imaginations. Now, with the help of origami paper, you can learn how to make an origami dragon with a few simple steps and tricks. It's so easy that you might consider it for your kid's next birthday party.

Origami Made Easy
There are a number of variations of origami dragons and most are difficult to construct. These origami paper dragon instructions use a variety of origami paper folding and rolling techniques. This origami dragon, a variation on the origami snake, is fairly easy to make because it involves very few origami paper folds and a small amount of origami paper rolling. It's the best place to start if you want to learn how to make origami dragons.

The key to making an origami dragon is to make sure that the folds are done precisely and the origami paper rolls are tightly wound. A neat origami paper sculpture will lead to a professional looking piece of artwork.

Origami Paper
Origami paper is a thin type of paper that is very easy to fold, twist and roll. It is essential to use origami paper to get the best results when you're learning how to make an origami dragon. Origami paper can be purchased at your local art or craft stores. There is a large variety of patterns and colors to choose from. A light, pastel color such as a powder blue will give the dragon a calm feel , while a brighter colored paper such as red will give the dragon a more vibrant look.

How to Make an Origami Dragon
1. Cut or tear three long rectangles and a square of origami paper.

2. Start at the corner of one of the rectangles and roll it in a diagonal manner, making sure the roll is tight. The other two rectangles should be rolled in the same manner.

3. Take one rolled up rectangle and shape it into a dragon body by making an S-shaped curve and pinching a face on one end. Take the square and fold it corner to corner to make a triangle.

4. Open the square and fold the opposite corners so that the points are touching. Take the two rolled up rectangles and bend them in half to make legs. Bend the very bottom of each end of the rolls to make feet.

5. Open the square up and snip out small triangle shapes to make tabs. Fold the tips of the remaining points to make the dragon wings.

6. Lay the wings on top of the main body and pinch them together a bit to give them a more realistic effect.

7. Take one leg and place it over the top of the tab and twist gently underneath the body. Take the other leg and place it over the other tab and twist it gently underneath the back part of the body.

8. Shape the body and body parts as needed.

9. Draw eyes and flames coming out of the mouth.

Origami Dragon Uses
This simple origami paper craft would be a great addition to a child's birthday party as a low-cost activity that also creates a great party favor.

Flatten your origami dragon and place it in a card as a small gift to send in the mail. The recipient can display the dragon upon its arrival.

There are many different ways you can use origami dragons. With a little creativity and imagination, the possibilities are endless.

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