How to Make an Origami Crane

learning how to make an origami crane isn't difficult with some basic origami crane instructions. It is a mid-level project, so some previous experience with origami will be helpful before beginning this particular design. Origami cranes are some of the most elegant pieces of art you will ever see. With practice, you can learn to make them yourself.

When making an origami crane, be sure to make folds and creases that are crisp.

To make an origami crane, start with a square piece of origami paper.

1. Fold the paper in half, with colored side visible. Open it and lay it flat. Rotate the square and fold it again. Open it and lay flat.

2. Turn the paper over. Fold the paper on the diagonal. Open it and lay it flat.

3. Fold paper on the opposite diagonal. Collapse the sides into a square piece of paper.

4. Lay the square on a table so that it appears as a diamond shape. Fold the paper across the diagonal so that you form a triangle.

5. Following your fold lines, fold the right hand corner inward, so that you are tucking the corner into the middle of the paper. Do the same with the left corner.

6. Fold each side into the center of the diamond. Unfold all four flaps.

7. Fold the right-hand flap inward, as you did in step 5. Do the same for the left-hand side. Flip your diamond over and do the same for the backside.

8. Fold up the front flap. Turn your paper over and do the same on the backside.

9. Fold the right-hand flap into the center. Do the same for the left-hand side. Flip your paper over and fold each side into the center as well.

10. Open the right side of the crane slightly, and push the right flap inside of itself and up. Repeat on the left flap.

11. Fold the head down slightly.

12. Fold each wing down and pull them apart slightly to finish your crane creation.

Through the success of one origami crane, it may become impossible not to make a batch of origami cranes.

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