Who Invented Origami Folding

In order to determine who invented origami folding, historians must look into the origins of paper at the same time.

Ancient History of Origami
It is believed that the Chinese were the first to invent paper. Paper folding techniques, or origami, followed shortly as a result of the creation of this new material.

Buddhist monks introduced Japan to paper, and paper folding soon followed. The Japanese embraced origami and even integrated the art into their religions. The term origami translates into the Japanese words "oru" or "to fold" and "kami," which means "paper."

Origami art and designs were the visual representations that people and artists wished to communicate to each other and their gods. The processes of the visual representations were communicated to each other orally, many times between family members. Uncomplicated pieces were able to be passed on from generation to generation and remain in existence today.

Modern Day Origami
The king of modern day origami is Akira Yoshizawa. He has published many origami books, developed origami diagram symbols and exhibits of his work have been hosted around the world. Although he passed away in 2005, his presence is still felt in the origami world.

Origami and paper folding experts can be found all over the world. The origami shapes that craftsman once thought were too highly sophisticated now pale in detail and technique compared with what today's origami artists can produce.

Not only has origami gained popularity in the competitive sense, but it has also gained popularity in the craft world as well. You can find origami design books ranging from beginner levels to origami folding masters.

Origami is now being used as a resource in the educational field for children with fine motor skill difficulties. The cutting and folding of the origami paper aids in fine motor therapy while leading the child to produce a rewarding final product.

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