Paper Mache Ingredients List

Need a paper mache ingredients list? You probably have almost everything that you need at home to start paper mache projects.

Paper Mache Ingredients List: The Basics

You will need paper. The most common type of paper used in paper mache projects is newspaper torn into strips. Note the word "torn." Torn edges work better than cut edges in paper mache projects.

However, newspaper isn't the only type of paper that is used in paper mache. Depending on the project, you might use tissue paper, paper towels, paper from magazines, printing paper or toilet paper tissue. If you are making a type of paper mache where you are working on separating the papers' fibers, you can use almost any type of paper except coated paper.

The next basic you will need is a paper mache recipe. There are a number of different recipes available to you for experimentation. Common ingredients include water, flour, white glue, cornstarch, salt and sugar. You may also find recipes which ask for wintergreen oil, wallpaper paste or colorants, such as acrylic paints. Some recipes call for cooking; others are ready to use after mixing.

Paper Mache Ingredients List: The Middle

What are you planning to make? Depending on your project, you may need molds to help with your shapes. You might use balloons if you want your paper mache project to be hollow. You can use toilet paper rolls to form arms and legs. You can use shoe boxes for rectangles. Try chicken wire for a more complex project. You will need masking tape to hold circles and squares together.

Paper Mache Ingredients List: The Finish

If you want a smooth surface, you will have to sandpaper your paper mache project before you completely finish your piece.

You can do almost anything to paper mache that you can to wood. You can paint it, burn it or stain it. You can use nail polish or glitter on your piece. Yarn makes terrific hair. Basically the sky and your creativity are the limit.

After you finish you will want to seal your paper mache project.

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