How to Use Rubber Art Stamps and Paper Punches

Rubber art stamps are a popular method of adding ink and design to crafting projects. Adding a special paper punch to this stamp can create an entirely new feel when crafting with paper products. It's not difficult to learn how to rubber stamp and use paper punches simultaneously in a design. Because rubber stamping can add layers of color or design to the cardstock or paper, and paper punches actually take a bite out of the paper or cardstock, when these two forms of crafting techniques are used together, the end product is a feast for the senses.

How to Rubber Stamp & Use Paper Punches
Paper punches come in a variety of styles that can be implemented when creating cards, stationery or any paper-based craft. Punches with long arms are able to create cutouts deeper into the cardstock, while regular paper punches can be used to create beautiful designs or patterns near the edge of the paper. Before you begin using a paper punch, you'll want to determine which rubber stamps you'll be using and where they will be placed on the paper. Paper punching should be one of the last designs added to your project.

Paper punches can also be used to round out corners or make intricate designs on each corner of a card. Fun punched-out pieces can be used to dress up a drab invitation or to add silliness to an otherwise generic greeting card. You can also try repeating the punched shape for a unique design.

Create a bow by placing two heart punch-outs together, pointed end to pointed end, and then using a small circle punch-out as the center. Using your imagination will result in a variety of additional punched designs.

Create Gift Card Tags
To create gift card tags, cut out large circles with a paper punch. Use a rubber stamp to emboss an image on one side. This image can be a single flower blossom, a pizza or any design that incorporates the theme you want to use. The stamped image can then be filled with blending pens, markers, glitter or colored pencils. Using a second stamp, add the words To and From on the other side of the gift tag. Punch a small round hole near the edge and add a thin ribbon.

More Craft Ideas
Rubber stamp crafts can be anything from greeting cards to photo albums to scrapbooking pages to labels for your canning jars. For a fun addition to a photo frame, stamp the words "starry, starry night" on the frame. Using multiple-sized star punches, add some aluminum foil stars to the mix. Not only will the aluminum foil stars add a little shine to the photo frame, cutting with aluminum foil will keep the punch sharpened.

Sometimes force will be needed when using a punch. The more intricate the design, the harder it will be to press down adequately to get clean lines.

Before you begin a project, always test your paper punches and rubber stamps to make sure they are working at optimum capacity. If paper punches become sluggish and begin to stick, punching a half dozen times through one thickness of wax paper should get the punch working fine again.

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