Organizing Scrapbook Supplies

Even the beginning scrapbooker understands the importance of organizing scrapbook supplies and keeping them organized because scrapbooking is an activity that can involve anywhere from a few pieces of paper and embellishments to thousands of items. 

Scrapbooking Storage
When you first begin to scrapbook, scrapbooking materials can be stored in a single folder or a small basket, but since scrapbooking supplies grow along with the scrapbooker's enthusiasm, it won't take long before additional storage space will be needed.

The best type of storage for scrapbooking materials are flat bins with lids. The plastic bins that come with wheels are ideal, especially the bins with different sized drawers. The narrow, top drawers can be used for pages or borders, while the large drawers can hold accessories, embellishments, glue, staples and other adhesive materials.

Photos should be kept in separate drawers and in acid-free envelopes. Keeping photos separated from equipment and other materials prevents accidents such as leaky glue sticks or bending or wrinkling when other items are haphazardly stored on top of them.

For easy access, brads and heavier tools like scissors and paper punches should also be kept in a drawer. Label each drawer and place a running list into the drawer. When you add an item to the drawer, add it to the list. When an item is depleted, add it to the shopping list.

Binders and Bags
Notebook binders and ziplock bags are a necessity that no scrapbooker should be without. Organize small, store-bought or homemade trim and other items such as flowers, ribbon, notes, words cut from food containers, buttons, scrapbook stickers and anything else that is small and could easily be lost, misplaced or damaged. Take advantage of gallon, quart, sandwich and snack-size ziplock bags for different items.

Using a three-hole punch, punch the bottom of each bag and then insert them into the binder, with the zippered end facing out for easy access. Label the binder and file it within easy reach of your scrapbooking table or desk. To keep the bags from bending too much during storage, place a piece of cardstock between each bag and add identification tabs to the cardstock for ease in locating each item.

Scrapbook Paper Storage
Because scrapbook paper is usually acid-free and lignin-free, papers can be stored relatively safe from worry. When using newspaper articles or articles from magazines, it may be best to transfer them to acid-free paper before storing them with your other scrapbooking supplies.

Storage on Wheels
For scrapbookers who like to take their hobby with them, storage units on wheels are ideal. This type of unit is perfect for the scrapbooker who attends scrapbooking parties or conventions.

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