How to Hem Pants Without Sewing

If you've wondered how to hem pants without sewing, you're not being lazy, you're being innovative. Learning how to hem pants without sewing is as easy as drawing a straight line, as long as the line you're drawing is made with fabric glue.

Using Fabric Glue to Hem Pants
Fabric glue is an absolutely wonderful product. Start by folding the hem to the correct length. To make sure it is even all the way around, measure the hem as you fold it over. Then, just to be safe, pin it in place. After you have pinned the hem in place, there are two very easy methods of hemming pants without reverting to a needle and thread. You will need a clothes iron, which will be used to iron the hem crease. Before you iron the fabric, however, make sure you have measured the hem all the way around so that it is even.

The proper hem length is approximately one to one half inches from the floor at your heel. Once you have measured each pant leg to the correct length and tried the pants on again to be sure the length is right for you, turn the pants inside out and place them on the ironing board. Glue one hem at a time. Run a line of fabric glue about one half inch beneath the hem line. Then press the top of the hem down carefully. Allow the fabric glue to dry completely before you wear the pants.

Using Fabric Tape to Hem Pants
Another way to hem pants without sewing them is to use fusible fabric tape. This type of fabric tape must be heated in order for it to adhere to the fabric.

Once you have measured the hem, pin the hem in place and try the pants on to make sure the length of the hem is correct. Turn the pants inside out and place them on the widest portion of the ironing board.

Using a hot iron, press a crease into the bottom of the hem. Remove the pins and place a strip of fusible fabric tape between the hem and the wrong side of the pants, which is now facing you on the ironing board. Press the iron firmly over the fabric. At no time should the iron come into contact with the fusible fabric tape.  

Remove the iron and test the hem. If it is not fused together, apply a few more seconds of heat. It may take about 30 to 40 seconds for the tape to adhere to both sides of the fabric.

Flip the pants and do the same to the other side of the pant leg. Repeat the procedure on both pant leg hems.

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