How to Hem a Skirt

Knowing how to hem a skirt is very useful. For example, you can change the length of a skirt for a new look rather than buying a new one. Of course, you can still buy a new one anyway. However, instead of buying a new skirt, you might like to try to sew a new skirt. You will still need to know how to sew a hem.

How to Hem a Skirt
First, iron the area on your skirt that you are planning on hemming. Then, place the skirt on a table with the inside of the skirt facing you. Then, measure the appropriate length from the raw end of the fabric and place a pin where the hem line should be. Repeat periodically around the skirt. You will not actually be folding the fabric yet, just noting the location of where the fold will be. Then, iron the fold into place.

Next, open up the fold again. You are going to create a second fold so that the raw edge of the fabric doesn't show by rolling the unfinished fabric under and pinning it into place. Iron the fabric again after you are finished.

Thread your needle, using the appropriate color and thread strength for your fabric. You are going to be sewing a blind stitch so that you won't see thread on the face of your skirt.

Pin your hem in place. Start at one of the seams in your skirt. Begin by running your needle and thread through the seam on the hem-side of the skirt. Then run the needle through the seam of the "body," or back fabric, of the skirt, making sure that you don't go all of the way through to the face of the clothing. Move about a half an inch down the hemline and go through the hem side of the fabric completely. Only push your needle partially through the back fabric so that the thread won't show when you wear the skirt. Bring the needle back through the hem fabric towards you. Move a half inch down and repeat until the hem is finished. Knot off the thread and trim any excess. 

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