How To Measure An Inseam

If you learn how to measure an inseam, you can use this number for a variety of different clothing needs. Whether you are purchasing pants online, altering some pants of your own or making pants from scratch, the inseam measurement will be important.

Measuring The Inner Seam
The inseam is the inner seam of pants. It runs from the crotch of the pants all the way down to the hem of the pants. The two inseams meet at the middle to create the seat of the pants. Since people have legs of different sizes, the inseam measurement is important to get the perfect fit. Someone who is 5'5" and someone who is 6'0" may both wear a women's size 8, but they will have totally different inseam lengths.

To measure your inseam, you'll need to have a helper. It's nearly impossible to do it by yourself unless you use a pair of pants that already fit you comfortably. Make sure you are wearing a pair of comfortable pants and are wearing the normal size of heel that you wear. If you are measuring the inseam for a special occasion pair of pants, be sure that you are wearing the shoes you'll be wearing at the event.

Instructions For Measuring Correctly
Have the person measure your right leg from the inner inseam (the crotch of the pants) all the way down to the point where you'd like the hem of the pants to fall. This may be the same as the pants you are wearing, or you may be looking for something shorter or longer. Be sure to verify the measurement, and have your helper write it down.

After measuring the right leg, your helper should measure the inseam of your left leg as well. Sometimes these two figures are different. You want to make sure that the hem of the pants hits at the same point on both legs, even if it means that one leg is longer than the other.

If you have a pair of pants that are already at the proper hem length, you can measure the inseam yourself. Lay the pants down flat on the table, and then measure from the crotch to the hem of both legs.

Knowing how to measure size is only part of figuring out what you should wear on the lower half of your body. If you can get the inseam measurement, you will ensure a better fit.

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