How to Repair Zippers

Do you know how to repair zippers? It can be a real pain to have a broken zipper, particularly if you love that skirt or jacket. Don't despair. You may not even have to replace the malfunctioning closure.

How to Repair Zippers
After close inspection, you find that a tooth is missing from your zipper. You are in luck if that missing tooth is toward the bottom of the zipper. Zip down until the zipper is right above the missing tooth. Then, thread a needle and sew several circles above the broken tooth. The thread will become the new stop for your zipper.

If you are missing a pull tab on your zipper, you won't have to replace the zipper, at least right away. This solution is fine if you are wearing jeans with a long shirt or sweater. However, it may be a fashion faux pas on an elegant dress. For the repair, simply put a safety pin through the hole where the pull tab was. Consider wearing a brooch over the top of the zipper so that the fashion faux pas becomes a fashion statement.

Say that your zipper is off track. Remove the metal stops at the end of the zipper using a needlenose pliers. Then, completely unzip the zipper. Move the two zipper sides so that they are aligned perfectly again, meshing correctly. Zip up. Get out your needle and thread and sew circles near where the metal stops were.

If you are absolutely forced to replace the zipper, make sure that you buy a zipper that is similar in color to your broken one. In addition, make sure that the new zipper is appropriate for the type of clothing that you are repairing. You probably don't want to use a zipper that is normally used for outside pockets on a leather jacket on your baby's new outfit.

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