How to Sew a Dress

If you know how to sew a dress, you can also take more pride in the clothes that you wear.

Not everyone wants to spend the money on an off-the-rack dress. Some people also enjoy the creativity of making their own clothes. In addition, a homemade dress fits better than any dress that you could buy in a store. 

Tips on How to Sew a Dress

If you are a beginner, your best bet is to buy a pattern for a dress that you like and go from there. Typically speaking, the fewer pieces in a pattern, the easier the dress will be to sew. Make sure that you have the right size before you spend your hard earned money.

Follow your pattern's instructions in the order that is suggested. While the steps may seem out of order to you, the order has a logic and reasoning behind it. 

If you don't want to buy a pattern, You may be able to find free patterns online if you do some digging. In addition, type "dress without a pattern" or "no pattern dresses" into your favorite search engine and see what appears. These dresses are usually also relatively simple in design.

While you may love shiny or stretchy fabrics and leather or suede, they can be really difficult for a beginner to sew. Try and get a little experience before you move into a dress with these types of fabrics.

The color threads that you use is important to the overall appearance of your dress. Unless you have made a deliberate design decision, you probably won't want to use bright green thread on pitch black fabric. Generally speaking, pick a thread color that is one shade lighter than light colored fabrics and one shade darker for dark fabrics.

Your iron is your friend. Press your fabric and pattern pieces before you start to sew. Iron out seams. Press your hem in place before you start to sew that part of your dress. When your pattern suggests that you press, take the time to iron. It will make handling and sewing your fabric easier.

Remember that sewing is like any other skill. The more that you sew, the better sewer you become. In addition, expect to make a few mistakes along the way. Keep on sewing anyway!

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