How to Sew Lace to a Hem

Learning how to sew lace to a hem is a great project for beginners. Once you've learned some basics of sewing, it's nice to learn some embellishment techniques. There is something sweet and old-fashioned about lace, and yet its appeal is timeless.

Adding lace to the hems of skirts and dresses gives them a pretty, feminine look. Your local fabric store no doubt has a huge selection of lace edgings for you to choose from. You're sure to find just the right lace for your particular project. You can either sew lace on by hand, or use your sewing machine.

Ways to Attach Lace
There are two ways to attach lace to the edge of a skirt; the method you choose will depend on the type of lace you are using. If you are using lace with one plain edge, you may wish to stitch the lace to the underside of the fabric, so the plain edge doesn't show on the finished garment. If the lace you are using looks finished on both edges, then you may wish to stitch it to the topside of your fabric.

Underside Lace
To stitch to the underside of the fabric, begin by first hemming your skirt by folding the fabric up half an inch, then folding it up again to hide the raw edge. Press with an iron set at the appropriate temperature for the fabric you are using and stitch in place. It is nice to use a blind hem here, to give the garment a neater appearance.

When measuring the length of your skirt, be sure to add the lace into your measurement. For example, if your want your skirt to be 30 inches long, and you are using one-inch lace, then hem the skirt to 29 inches.

Begin carefully pinning the top edge of the lace to the underside of the hem. Once it is pinned in place, stitch along the top edge of the lace using small, neat stitches.

Topside Lace
To attach lace to the topside of the fabric, hem the skirt as above. Next, carefully pin the top edge of the lace to the front edge of the hem. Stitch carefully and neatly along the edge of the lace, making sure to use the same color thread as the lace so the stitches will not show.

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